life behind bars

nearby, the park beckons. we can see the tip of it from our window. yonder lie running paths, biking trails, a river/lake with a 27 km path around it.

spring is bursting, and the many species of birds are busy with aerobatics competitions, song contests and other mating rituals. the brilliant australian sun, notorious for its skin-roasting properties, is warming the ground as the crust of winter evaporates, making way for the roasty-toasty season that will soon be upon us, elevating moods and thermometer readings all around. meanwhile, we’re confined to quarters behind the (rather tasteful) wrought iron gates.

ok, it’s not exactly hell. that was our life in the copenhagen suburbs. we lived in a district called hellerup. nice enough place, but with no apparent irony danes abbreviate the name as “hell”. our christmas missive our first year there was titled ‘life in hell’. in some respects it was. not here.

outside the gate, the embassy awaits. for now it’s just a single story brick building across the way, adorned by unsightly air conditioners and water tanks. soon it will be pernille’s workplace.

for now however, this (below) is her office.

the optimistic news is, we’re nearing the halfway point of our enforced isolation. it is splendid isolation to be sure, and chafing at the bit is like complaining that we can’t get our favorite flavor of ice cream. so shut up already!! most people would say.

we head into the weekend with taco shells and fixins to make a nice friday night mexican food feast. who knows, maybe washed down with a carlsberg or two.

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