no sun, no fun sunday

yes. the quarantine is beginning to grind. we keep telling ourselves how lucky we are compared to everyone else arriving in australia who has to stay confined to a motel room for two weeks. now THAT would be hell. but this is not much fun, either. we find our tempers short, our attention span shorter, our nerves frayed, our bodies bloated, our muscles gelatinous, our stomachs sagging and our eyelids drooping. (of course some might say not all of that is due to jet lag and quarantine)

the good news is that time seems to be zipping along. we’e now past the halfway point of our two-week confinement. my silly magpie pal still comes by a few times a day to provide a bit of comic relief. he sits on the windowsill and begs for food. when i do give in and put a few morsels of granola in his cup, he always looks at me and gives me the sweetest warble of thanks before digging in.

tonight pernille and i perused the internet for cars. we’re eager to get on the road and see as much of australia as possible. we’ve seen everything from a suzuki jimny (a mini SUV if there ever was one, but apparently a popular option for aussies of ordinary means), to a bentley mega SUV that sells for close to half a million aussie dollars.

right now we’re leaning toward the subarus. one is even called the outback. we still have fond memories of our subaru forrester, which we had when we lived in the wilds of new york city. we figure if a car can make it across the brooklyn bridge, it can make it to ayers rock, which i just discovered is now known primarily by its aboriginal name, uluru. i have a feeling that a trip to uluru is more than just a weekend outing, but we’re hoping to have a vehicle that’s big enough and sturdy enough that we can sleep in the back instead of having to stop at every holiday inn or motel six in the outback.

so we’re heading into week two with a promise of some better weather. sunday was gray and lifeless, much the same as me. afternoon temps edging up into the 70s as the spring approaches. lovely running weather. eagerly awaiting the day when i can run.

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