taco fridays are on!!! pernille’s keen eye has spotted the mexican food section on the woolworth’s website. woolworth’s, which used to be the five and dime place in my youth, is the groceries mega monster in australia. at least as far as we know. in our quarantine (day 11 now) we’ve become hooked on ordering in our groceries, and it looks like the habit may stick. why run up to the grocery store when you can just find the item online and have it delivered in hours. there is a catch. delivery is free only on orders of $75 and up, so we may wind up spending more because we have to add a few extra items to reach the limit. but hey, what’s a poor boy to do?

but as you can see, we’ve got most of the essentials for tacos, which essentially boils down to taco shells. after that, all one really needs is some spices, filling (chicken) and cheese. so we’re set for friday night. (oh, i forgot to mention beer).

we’re getting tantalizingly close to the end of quarantine, and are desperately eager to start exploring the neighborhood. we still don’t have bicycles, and mine won’t arrive till probably november, but we’re within walking distance of a lot. we just have to figure out which direction to walk in.

interestingly, the main canberra mosque is just next door to the embassy, so that’s one of the first things on my list of things to check out. from what we can see from our garden, it looks impressive and modern. there were quite a few cars parked on the street last friday afternoon, so it’s apparently quite well attended. pictures when we’re allowed outside the gates.

today we’re actually going outside the premises for the first time. we’re being picked up this morning and driven to a health facility for our COVID tests. if we pass, we’re free as of midnight saturday night. if all goes well, and the weather holds (it’s been magnificent) sunday will be a run day, the first in a while. i have a tradition of running on my birthday, so this will be my birthday run more than a week late. whatever. every birthday on which i can still run is a victory. of course the minutes per mile number is getting bigger and bigger. and given the state of my right knee, it’s becoming more like hobbling, but at this rate of improvement, i’ll soon be able to run as fast as i can walk. stay tuned for results.

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