counting hours

got a note from australian health authorities today (four emails, actually) informing me (pernille, too), that we complete our quarantine at 11:59 p.m. (not midnight) tonight. it’s strange but i’m not sure how to think about this. quarantine has been delightful, serene, cleansing, introspective, all these things and more. pernille and i have had a very sweet time eating well, reading, (we even watched a few movies, which for us is rare), birdwatching (the birds of australia are exceptional), swimming, and maybe best of all, just being us, together.

met our next door neighbor over the fence today. cindy seems like she’s going to be a great neighbor. she has two teenaged boys, 15 and 14, orlando and hugo. they also feed our magpie friends. she said they feed them crickets, which they also use as feed for the big lizard that lives in the house. crickets? we’ve been feeding our gal oats and granola. she seems to love them.

cindy says she’s from ‘the country’. don’t yet know what that means. but we’re about to bust out and find out this country’s secrets. ‘the country’ could mean anything from half an hour outside town to the northern territory. we’ll see. starting tomorrow morning with a walk in the park nearby, maybe to the lake. of course the weather forecast is for rain all morning. 100% until about 9, then less and less till early afternoon, so we may have to wait a bit. don’t know when my first run will be but sure looking forward to it.

we still don’t have a car, or even a bicycle, so our travels will be limited at first.

the weather forecast indicates some pretty cool weather is still ahead. down to the mid-30s toward the end of next week. but spring is in full riot. every day more trees and bushes spring to life. still a few to go, but it’s getting to be full on sneezin’ season. today i lay out in the sun for half an hour after swimming, and it won’t take much to bake. the aussie sun is notorious for cancer causing burns.

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