a tassie love story – part two–telegenic tassie and wombat wonders

my thoughts? don’t have any.

not that heinlein

tassie’s glamorous. did we mention amorous? showing off for cell phone cameras.

cradle mountain at dusk

cradle mountain is a scenic masterpiece, enchanting visitors with glacier-sculpted sawtooth peaks piercing the sky. it is a rock of ten-thousand faces, changing every minute from an infinite number of angles and weathers; bathed in the rich hues of summer or crystalline winter white, shrouded in morning fog or glimmering under the silken rays of a newly risen moon.

and if it’s been there for hundreds of millions of years, as the pleistocenes would have us believe, it’s also been the subject of hundreds of millions of photos, most of them taken since the advent of the cellphone. (i took nearly a hundred myself)

the “pano” feature on the phone camera helps capture the immensity of the 360 degree landscapes.

cradle mountain – lake st. clair national park was our mid-island stopover as we…

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  1. Dennis Stein says:

    My wife has been to Tasmania and agrees with your take on Cradle Mountain.
    Dennis Stein


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