year two– detouring

stops in places we wouldn’t have guessed

stroke. it’s not the headline visit that was planned, but canberra hospital was the first major destination of 2022. stroke ward, seventh floor. only afterward did we hear that this facility isn’t on the “best in oz” list. or even the “best in canberra” list. but it was top of the “closest to home” list, and it did the job. stroke done.

stroke rehab has delayed the restart of the travel sked.

in the meantime, we did enjoy a visit from our old friend vincent, (sans covid mask. readers may remember him from the blog’s cover page.

the van gogh exhibit dropped into canberra!! what an experience!. every other art exhibition in the future will be measured against this one. an entire building in the capital’s parliamentary district was outfitted with massive screens for a powerful sensory experience. kudos to toyota and everyone associated this multi-mass media show, which wowed audiences during a months-long run in the aussie capital.

photographs don’t do justice to the immersive experience of this exhibit. it’s probably been done better in other cities with more suitable facilities, but even in “lil ol” canberra, the sense of being surrounded by the artist in all his genius and insanity was unforgettable. and now….

7/11, meet your nemesis.

australia’s apple growing region, the snowy valley, gets a shoutout for its innovative sculpture trail, bringing the works of noted sculptors from oz, denmark, and new zealand to the neighborhoods of everyday aussies. in the spirit of the festivities, they’re “rotten to the core”.

the town of batlow, possibly australia’s apple capital, hosted a weekend sculpture celebration in conjunction with its annual fall harvest. a few mini-batlowans were selected for “juicy” roles in the festivities.

a few “bad apples” recruited from the local school

the danish ambassador (the apple of my eye), the czech consul general, and a passel of local and regional dignitaries descended on batlow on may 7th to inaugurate the trail, which runs across seven towns over 100km through the snowy valley, in the mountains west of canberra.

sculpture trail founder and c.e.o. david handley was master of ceremonies for the inaugural

so with apples harvested, (even the bad ones), sculpture trail blazed, and stroke rehab on track, it’s exploration time. anchors aweigh!!


  1. Francis Heinlein says:

    Dear  Peter,                                                                                                                                                                                     I  read  both  blogs   before  I went  t  bed.   I liked both but   especially  the Van  Gogh.  I  thought  it was  fantastic.      Thanks  for  sending. II am  off  to  bed.                                                                                          God  Bless.   I  love  you         Mom


  2. Karin says:

    I love your blogs, wonderful stroke is done and you are on to the next thing
    I always read your blog with a smile on the lob. candid, inspiring and with such appetite on life. Keep writing and sharing and look much forward to catching up a day in the future and sharing some Chardonnay!


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